ShipPlus - WooCommerce Advanced Shipping & Logistic

Stock Notification

Add email notifications for your customers. It allows you to notify customers when products in stock. 

  • Convert your out of stock products into a waiting list.
  • Increase conversion rates and manage your products more easily.
  • Display a notify me button over out of stock products.
  • Send automatic email updates to customers.
  • Increase loyal customers

And much more options with ShipPlus’s stock notifications feature.

Stock Notification Features

ShipPlus allows you to add notifications for customers.

Stock Notifications

It allows your customers an easier way to know when your products are back in stock.

Analytics Dashboard

Manage your inventory and learn more about your popular and out of stock products using Stock Analytics Dashboard.

Increase Order Conversion

Create more loyal customers with a waiting lists. Signed up customers for your out of stock products has a higher chance of conversion and purchase.

Customer Options

Let your customer decide how they want to be notified for products. ShipPlus adds additional tabs in WooCommerce my account page to notify customers.

About ShipPlus - Stock Notification

Selling your products online using WooCommerces implies having to deal with different shipping, product management, orders, invoices and much more. With ShipPlus, you can make easily manage your Shipping, Logistics & Store Management issues within few clicks. With ShipPlus, you can notify your customers about product’s stock. 

It is not just a Shipping solution for your WooCommerce Store, ShipPlus enhances functionality of WooCommerce with it’s easy to use and innovative features. If you are struggling to manage your WooCommerce store, Product shipping, order management, or product deliveries? then Check out all 20+ advanced features of ShipPlus.

Stock notifications is one of the core function of ShipPlus. It allows you to send notifications updates about product stocks to customers. Customers can opt to be notified whenever such products are back in stock. It allows you to learn more about your product demands and also helps you create a loyal customer base. Some of the examples are,

  • Manage product stocks and demands from Analytics.
  • Allow customers to opt for stock updates.
  • Send automatic emails whenever product comes back in stock.
  • Learn more about product demands 

Above these are just some of the examples that you can achieve with ShipPlus.

Out of stock products causes most damage to your conversion and sales. WooCommerce either hides out of stock products or blocks from ordering unless backorders are not enabled. It causes management troubles and issues if you have a large inventory. ShipPlus allows you to display a notice with notify me button on product page for out of stock products.

Stock notifications

Send automatic notifications to customers about product stock info. Generate more leads and avoid losing sales to out of stock products.

Opt Customers

Customer will see a notify me button besides out of stock products. They can opt to notifications to get email update whenever product is back in stock.

2FA verification

You can setup a verification step for customers. In order to activate stock notifications, customer will complete a email verification. 

Sale Recovery

With ShipPlus, You can recover sales from out of stock products. Default WooCommerce hides or blocks products when out of stock but ShipPlus will help you recover hidden sales.

Product Demands

It gives you information about your customer demanded products. You can learn more about your product demands with ShipPlus. 

Request Management

You can manage all the requests made by your customers with request manger. It allows you to categorise and solve customer requests both automatically and manually.

Auto / Manual Notifications

You can send email notifications both automatically and manually. You can update requests to manually for chosen products. 

Email Customisations

ShipPlus works with default WooCommerce emails. It allows you to customise all information on emails. With out detailed documentation, you can learn to customise email templates.

Customer Details

It allows you to manage collected customer details. You can bulk export customer details into CSV file for promotions and campaigns.

Analytics Dashboard

You can learn your store’s crucial product data using Stock analytics dashboard. It gives you brief data over signups, successful notifications, demanded products, and much more.

Consent Notices

To comply email collection with your countries rules and regulations, You can chose to display a notice before collecting user email.

Tracking Numbers

Showcase a number of how many customers have signed up for product notifications on product page.

Notify Me Form

Customise design and text of Notify me form as per your theme design and layout.