ShipPlus - WooCommerce Advanced Shipping & Logistic

Product Based Shipping

Add shipping charges to products individually and calculate a combined total for a final shipping cost.

  • Customise shipping conditions and rules
  • Add shipping costs for a single big product.
  • Add different shipping costs to variables
  • Combine shipping costs for all products at checkout page.

And much more options with ShipPlus’s Product based shipping.

Product Based Shipping Features

ShipPlus allows you to create a product based shipping in your WooCommerce store.

Single product shipping

Add shipping costs to your specific large and big products that cannot be packed.

Combine shipping charges

Add product based shipping charges to other shipping method’s costs.

ShipPlus advanced features

ShipPlus allows you to add tracking links, logics, handling fees and much more.

About ShipPlus - Product Based Shipping

Selling your products online using WooCommerces implies having to deal with different product shipping, inventory management, invoices, and much more. With ShipPlus, you can make easily manage your Shipping, Logistics & Store Management issues within few clicks. With ShipPlus, you can customise and enhance working of many core functions of WooCommerce.

It is not just a Shipping solution for your WooCommerce Store, ShipPlus enhances functionality of WooCommerce with it’s easy to use and innovative features. If you are struggling to manage your WooCommerce store, Product shipping, order management, or product deliveries? then Check out all 20+ advanced features of ShipPlus.

Product Based Shipping is one of the core function of ShipPlus. It allows you to apply shipping charges individually to products. When customer adds products in order package then combined shipping charges are calculated based on total items in the package. Some of the examples are,

  • Assign shipping rates directly to products
  • Combine shipping rates of all products in checkout page.
  • Use only product based shipping or combine it with other available shipping methods.

Above these are just some of the examples that you can achieve with ShipPlus.

If you are selling heavy and single products which are usually ordered as a standalone then it is easy to setup a product based shipping. Product based shipping adds rates to products individually and combined at checkout page. It can be applied using 2 methods that are applied to make it work with normal shipped products. You can apply product based shipping directly to combine rates and for second method, If customer has multiple products in cart then separate costs are shown for product based shipping and other active shipping methods. 

Product Based Shipping

Product based shipping allows you to assign shipping charges directly to products. Whenever customer buys such product, added shipping costs will be charged on checkout page.

Single Product Shipping

It allows you to create a singular product shipping setup. If any of your product is bulky and big in terms of weight or dimension and it can’t be packed, ShipPlus allows you to directly add shipping costs to that product.

Combine shipping rates

If customer has multiple products with different shipping methods other than product based method, You can calculate and combine shipping cost with other methods.

Variable charges

Charge additional shipping charges or change charges for product variables. It allows you to set different shipping charges for same product’s variables.

Handling Charges

Add an additional handling charges as a surcharge for your store. ShipPlus allows you to add a percentage or flat fee based charges.

Import / Export

It allows you to export shipping info and product rates into CSV files with ShipPlus.

Advanced Conditions

ShipPlus allows you to add advanced shipping conditions and logics to manage rates. Learn more about conditions here.

Shipping Tax Charges

Chose to include or exclude tax in your shipping charges.