ShipPlus - WooCommerce Advanced Shipping & Logistic

Flat Rate Shipping

Create Flat rate boxes to pack order items and define shipping charges based on dimensions of corrugated box.

  • Create corrugated box dimensions
  • Add shipping cost based on dimensions
  • Add rates for additional rules and conditions

And much more options with ShipPlus’s Flat rate shipping feature.

Flat Rate Shipping Features

ShipPlus allows you to create Flat rate shipping setup in your WooCommerce store.

Corrugated Boxes

Pack order packages into a corrugated box. Create box dimensions and assign charges for them.

Shipping Rates

Add additional charges and conditions to manage shipping rates like weight, dimensions, and item quantity.

ShipPlus advanced features

ShipPlus allows you to add tracking links, logics, handling fees and much more.

About ShipPlus - Multiple Address

Selling your products online using WooCommerces implies having to deal with different product shipping, inventory management, invoices, and much more. With ShipPlus, you can make easily manage your Shipping, Logistics & Store Management issues within few clicks. With ShipPlus, you can customise and enhance working of many core functions of WooCommerce.

It is not just a Shipping solution for your WooCommerce Store, ShipPlus enhances functionality of WooCommerce with it’s easy to use and innovative features. If you are struggling to manage your WooCommerce store, Product shipping, order management, or product deliveries? then Check out all 20+ advanced features of ShipPlus.

Flat rate shipping is one of the core function of ShipPlus. It allows to add flat rate boxes to pack order packages and assign a shipping cost to particular box dimension. Some of the examples are,

  • Assign a corrugated box dimension
  • Add shipping charges for a fixed dimension of box
  • Pack order items inside the box
  • Calculate shipping cost based on how many boxes are used or single box’s costing.
  • Add store’s handling fee or shipping surcharge.¬†

Above these are just some of the examples that you can achieve with ShipPlus.

Corrugated boxes are given a dimensions at setup and order packages are packed volumetrically. It allows you to add shipping rates directly to boxes. Also, you can add additional costs based on weight and product items. With flat rate shipping, you can assign multiple boxes if first packed box is full. You can set price rates based on order destination. Also, you can set prices for specific products that cannot be packed inside a box.

Flat Rate Boxes

Create a corrugated box dimension to pack orders and assign shipping charges to that particular box dimension.

Shipping Tax

Chose to include or exclude tax in your shipping charges.

Handling Fees

Add a store’s shipment handling or surcharge fees on products in additional to shipping cost.

Un-packable Items

Assign shipping costs for products that cannot be packed inside a box.

Corrugated Boxes

Assign a corrugated box dimension to use for packaging and rate calculations.

Box Weights

Add maximum weight capacity of the boxes for packaging. Also, add additional price increments for weights.

Advanced Conditions

ShipPlus allows you to add advanced shipping conditions and logics to manage rates. Learn more about conditions here.