ShipPlus - WooCommerce Advanced Shipping & Logistic

Conditional Statements

Add conditional statements to display notices and give instructions to the customer while using the store.

  • Display a notice or instruction
  • Showcase statements anywhere across the whole store
  • Add advertisements based on product selections
  • Add conditions and logics based on WooCommerce attributes

And many more options with ShipPlus’s conditional statements feature.

Conditional Statements Features

ShipPlus allows you to display condition and logic based statements over store elements.

Custom Statements

Don’t add text directly, Add conditions and logics based custom texts to provide a dynamic user experience.

Stock & Quantity

Add informative messages for a fixed amount of product stocks and quantity added by customers in the cart based on available logics.

Advertising Messages

Create notices on stores about upcoming and live sales with conditional statements. 

About ShipPlus - Conditional Statements

Selling your products online using WooCommerces implies having to deal with different shipping fees for each country, state or specific areas by postal code. With ShipPlus, you can make easily manage your Shipping, Logistics & Store Management issues within few clicks. With ShipPlus, you can customise and enhance working of many core functions of WooCommerce. 

It is not just a Shipping solution for your WooCommerce Store, ShipPlus enhances functionality of WooCommerce with it’s easy to use and innovative features. If you are struggling to manage your WooCommerce store, Product shipping, order management, or product deliveries? then Check out all 20+ advanced features of ShipPlus.

Conditional Statements is one of the core function of ShipPlus. It allows you to provide informative, instructive, advertising and promotive statements and content over your whole store based on advanced conditions and logics. Some of the examples are,

  • Display a notice over products that are in sale.
  • Display a notice for cart total below or more to a fixed amount.
  • Add statements across any WooCommerce element like product, checkout, cart, header, thank you page and more.
  • Add description about product category or shipping class 

Above these are just some of the examples that you can achieve with ShipPlus.

With more than 20+ combined logics and conditions, You can highly usable statements across every element of WooCommerce.

Conditions & Logics

It allows you to apply more than 20+ conditions and logics to decide appearance of statements.


You can enable statements over every WooCommerce element in the store. You can add them to product pages, checkout, cart and many other locations.

Available Rules - Conditional Statements

ShipPlus allows you to create conditional logics using more than 18+ rules. You can create advanced setup by making group of rules. It allows you to create advanced shipping conditions with a easy to use interface.

 Country Based

Add statements based on the country of your customer. This active statement will be visible to only active country users and will be visible only where you decide.

Cart / Checkout

Add notices on the cart and checkout page based on total, products’ and added product categories. 

Sale Period

Create advertisement statements about live and upcoming sale periods across whole store.

Product Stock

Add product stock notices for customers on the product page. Add notices based on stock threshold limit and stock statuses.


Add statements directly to specific products. It allows you to add various descriptions and notices directly for a product on product, cart and checkout pages.

General Statements

Create general event-based statements to trigger whenever a customer visits or completes some actions in the store.