ShipPlus - WooCommerce Advanced Shipping & Logistic

Address Validation

Allow your customer to lookup their address and validate using address validation libraries.

  • Connect your WooCommerce store to popular address validation libraries.
  • Allow you customer to lookup their address on checkout page.
  • Customers can validate their address for easier order management.
  • Resolve invalid address issue for your orders.
  • Postcode lookup on your checkout pages.

And much more options with ShipPlus’s address validation feature.

Address Validation Features

ShipPlus allows your customer to lookup and validate their address before proceeding to payment.

Address Validation & lookup

Allow your customer to lookup and validate their address on checkout page.

Address auto-complete

Autocomplete your customer address by choosing them from dropdown.

Postcodes lookup

By using postcode lookup, you can avoid shipping mishaps. It is better for both customers and store owners to fulfil shipping smoothly.

Improve Security

Improve your order shipping by avoiding shipping address mistakes and save time and money for such mistakes.

About ShipPlus - Address Validation

Selling your products online using WooCommerces implies having to deal with different shipping, orders, invoices, refunds and much more. With ShipPlus, you can make easily manage your Shipping, Logistics & Store Management issues within few clicks. With ShipPlus, you can customise and enhance working of many core functions of WooCommerce. 

It is not just a Shipping solution for your WooCommerce Store, ShipPlus enhances functionality of WooCommerce with it’s easy to use and innovative features. If you are struggling to manage your WooCommerce store, Product shipping, order management, or product deliveries? then Check out all 20+ advanced features of ShipPlus.

Address Validation is one of the core function of ShipPlus. It allows your customers to validate and lookup their address on checkout page to avoid errors. Some of the examples are,

  • Allow your customer to lookup for their address.
  • Connect your WooCommerce store to third-party address libraries based on your country.
  • Validate address using postcode lookups
  • Improve your order management.

Above these are just some of the examples that you can achieve with ShipPlus.

It helps you avoid shipping to wrong address. By mistake, if you have ever shipped a product to wrong address, you would know how much additional costs and work it requires to resolve. To avoid such instances, ShipPlus helps you validate customer address at checkout process.

Note – ShipPlus needs an active third-party address library to display addresses. There are both paid and free services available. IWP is not associated with any third-party services. You can request new services if you don’t find your preferred in the list.

Checkout Page Address

Add a address lookup and validation dropdown on your address field. Customise WooCommerce checkout page for easier customer experience.

Auto-Complete Address

It allows your customers to choose address from library dropdown. It auto completes the address.

Avoid Shipping Mishaps

Validating address before order can increase security and help you avoid shipping mishaps. Any shipping mistake can cost time and money which you would not want.

Compatible Service Providers

It connects your store to popular address libraries,

  • Loquate
  • Postcodes
  • Fetchify


It allows you to lookup and validate address across world. It is a paid service which you can connect your WooCommerce store to. Learn more about loqate from here.

International Validation

You can validate and lookup address across world. It needs a pro account for loqate services. Note – some of the third-party services are paid and not affiliated with IWP. Contact our support team to learn more.