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ShipPlus – WooCommerce Shipping And Logistics

What does ShipPlus do?

ShipPlus adds more than 40+ advanced features to your WooCommerce store.

It is such a hassle to manage WooCommerce orders and shipping. Not anymore with ShipPlus. Find out all ShipPlus features.

Does it customise checkout/cart page?

No, ShipPlus manages your WooCommerce backend with Order Managing and Shipping solutions.

If you are looking for a Checkout Customiser, Please follow CheckPlus.

Is free version of ShipPlus available?

No, ShipPlus is only available in a Premium version. You can checkout all the features and demo from preview about plugin.

If you are worries about compatibility, you can access the the demo before purchasing via a sandbox for testing.

What is addons?

ShipPlus offers all the mentioned features except Post Shipping modules. With such extensive features in ShipPlus, It also offers add-ons that you can use to make the plugin work according to your needs. Get Addons

Can I add shipping charges from FedEx, UPS or any other service?

InnovativeWP offers compatibility with major post-shipping services. But it is not available with ShipPlus. ShipPlus offers all the shipping managing functionalities. You can add add-ons to connect third-party services to ShipPlus.

Is Post Shipping Addons included in ShipPLus?

No, Only the mentioned features are available. You can get addons to connect ShipPlus-WooCommerce & 3rd party services of your choice.

What happens if customer cannot find their address for validation?

Customer can simply place the order without validating their address. It is used to give a easier checkout experience only. It is not used to block orders without validation.

Does address validation work in backend?

Your customer can opt for address validation in store’s checkout page. It is not compatible in WordPress backend.

Some address are not showing in validation tab?

It is based on Address validation library that you are using. ShipPlus does not provide validation library, It allows you to connect your store to existing popular libraries. You can contact your preferred service provider in such case.

Can i send order notifications to my custom store managing role users?

Yes, you can send notifications to custom user roles with ShipPlus.

Can i add multiple recipients for notifications?

Yes, you can add multiple notification recipients for orders.

What notifications can i share with ShipPlus?

It allows you to send notifications about orders and stock information. You can create complex setups with available options in ShipPlus. 

Does it sends Notifications about out of stock products automatically?

Yes, ShipPlus sends product’s “Product is live again” notifications automatically if your customer has given their Email id.

Is there any limit on how many emails can be sent in a day?

Yes, but that is not set by ShipPlus. Your preferred email service provider defines what number of mails you can send in a day. Follow the docs to know more.

Can i disable out of stock notifier tab on my product page?

Yes. You can choose to show the mail tab on your product page.

How conditional shipping works in shipPlus?

ShipPlus allows you to create conditions for the shipping rules. Also, There are various shipping rules that you can make with ShipPlus.

For conditional shipping to work, you can add conditions. After those conditions are fulfilled, rules will be visible.

Can i add rule for payment options?

Yes, ShipPlus allows you to add different rules for payment options. You can add shipping rules for different payment options available on your store.

Note – ShipPlus does not provide payment gateway setup. You will need to follow this for gateways.

Can i add rules based on customer's distance from my store?

Yes, ShipPlus allows you to add different rules for payment options. You can add shipping rules based on distance of customer from your store.

My preferred service provider is asking for additional plans and purcahses.

ShipPlus does not provide services like address libraries, email providing, distance rules and others internally. It allows your WooCommerce store to connect to some of the popular services available in the market like Google Maps and others.

Some of the services are free. If you prefer using a premium service option then you will have to pay the third-party service provider. ShipPlus provides free options. It is upto you to decide which service providers meets your requirements.

How customer can access their product invoices?

ShipPlus allows your customers to access their invoices from mails. Also, ShipPlus adds a new invoice section in my account page. Customers can access their invoices from my account page too.

If you are using any thank you page plugin, you can add options to get order invoices in thank you page also. 

Can i customise my invoices?

Yes, ShipPlus allows you to customise your invoices. Follow the features page to learn more.

How do my customers can track their order?

ShipPlus lets your Store customers to track their orders from a tracking link on my account page or in invoices tab. You will need to assign a tracking provider for order from backend.

Which service providers can i choose with ShipPlus?

You can find out about compatible service providers in the features page as it gets updated with time.

Worldwide popular and major service providers are compatible with ShipPlus.

I want to know more about shipping providers.

You can follow the features page and docs to learn more about the current compatible service providers.

Still if you have questions, Follow our support hub to create your request.

Can i define a preset box dimensions to apply shipping rules?

Yes, ShipPlus can work as a Flat rate box shipping rule. You can set rules for volumetric pricing.

Can i define rules for a certain sized products?

Yes, you can define a shipping rule for a dimensions. ShipPlus can be configured to work as a Flat rate box shipping rule. 

Can i add options for customers for pickups?

Yes, ShipPlus allows you to add pickup locations in your store. It will add a pickup location on checkout which your customers can choose to opt for a pickup based delivery.

Can i divide order to multiple address with CheckPlus?

Yes, your customers can divide their orders into shipping for multiple address and their shipping rules will be applied differently. All the pricing calculations in this manner will be done automatically by ShipPlus.

Can i assign a separate shipping rule for a singular product only?

Yes, ShipPlus allows you to add shipping rules for products separately.

Can i make shipping rule based on order destination?

Yes, ShipPlus allows you to create shipping rules based on order locations. It does all the calculations for orders automatically.

Can i make shipping rule based on shipping zone?

Yes, ShipPlus allows you to create shipping rules based on zones. It does all the calculations for orders automatically.

Can i make shipping rule based on product weight?

Yes, ShipPlus allows you to create shipping rules based on product weight. It does all the calculations for orders automatically.

Can i make shipping rule based on product's number of items?

Yes, ShipPlus allows you to create shipping rules based on product’s item numbers. It does all the calculations for orders automatically.

What about plugin support?

All our plugins are supported. We have active tech support team. You can create support ticket from here.

Note – You will need to have Active Purchase code for support. Plugin support is only available for Pro users.

How to activate plugin?

Follow plugin documentation to activate your License. Your Envato purchase code is your plugin license.

Go to IWP > License > Add your purchase code and save. You will not receive updates unless.

How to Update Plugin?

IWP plugins show a notice on your WordPress plugin section whenever new plugin updates are available. You can manually update it. Or, you can set auto updates.

Note – You will need a active purchase code to update IWP plugins.

My theme/plugin is not listed in Compatibility Page?

There are lot of themes and plugins in the existence. It is not possible to test with everyone.

List only contains products that our buyers have requested for compatibility check. It may not have recently launched themes/plugins. As long as Your theme works with WooCommerce. It will work with our plugins too.

If you have any doubts, you can contact before purchasing or you can contact our support team before.

Which languages are supported?

It is already translated for many languages Like English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, German. Still, you can use our translate hub.

Which Page Builders are compatible with this plugin?

Elementor, DIVI, WPBakery, Visual Composer, Fusion Builder, Thrive Architect, Oxygen Builder, Brizy, UX Builder , Cornerstone, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, SiteOrigin & More. Checkout our detailed compatibility list.

My support ticket is not answered yet?

It may take up to 1 day for our team member to reach out to you. Use this page for plugin support. In mean time, checkout all the common mistakes.

Does it work with Multisite?


I want to use it in multiple websites.

Sorry, You can use one purchase code for only one domain. Contact our support team if you want to use this plugin for multiple websites.